I guess Robert Verdi felt like doing some killing when he decided to put some vintage Hermes silk scarf art on the classic Vans Slip-On.

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When I was a wee lad I would carve arrows out of branches so that I could shoot them at things with my homemade bow. I thought I was killing…Thats what I thought. This whittling surgeon just put one of my fondest childhood memories to shame.

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Are You Listening “Elzhi- D.E.M.O.N.S.”

Look, I can feel the demons in my brain,creepin through the dark parts
Got me tuckin different handguns in my Carhartt’s
Where the hood got the reaper hidin underneath, you
Ever wonder why we rather die, then let the beef go?
Stay feelin stress, greed, lust and jealousy
My people cope by usin cess, speed, dust and LSD
D, more than just a simple sickness
It’s triple sixes, to haunt the Holy Temple scriptures
And got the lost souls playin false roads
They got ’em, once they get inside ’em, like crossbows
It’s the demons, conjurin up images you dreamin
or screamin, it’s seems when you’re semen they schemin
Got us paranoid, steppin out very cautious
The same way we holdin guns, nuns carry crosses
Forms of protection against the evil forces
Of course there’s subjections, in your cerebral vortex,
The demons…


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Heres the latest addition to the some go club. Her name is Suelyn and thats about all I need to know. Enjoy

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The Hundreds Public Label

Here’s something new. It’s The Hundreds Public Label Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook. This is The Hundreds take on a more contemporary look which leaves our good friend Adam Bomb on the back of a milk carton. I like some of the pieces like the jacket with the self fabric shawl baseball collar and you can also never go wrong with a raglan sweatshirt if they can get the factory to get the fit right. Overall I’m curious to see what this project grows into.

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New Balance M1500

Here’s a quick look at the New Balance M1500 from their Fall 2011 delivery. This shoe offers the same classic style in a crispy new colorway. This shoe is available in two colorways red/grey/black and purple/grey/black. The M1500 also features mesh and suede uppers with some premium leather accents. Dope!

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Archer Adams 2011 Umbrella Collection

Here you go. The perfect way to keep the rain off you outfit. What we have here is the Archer Adams 2011 Umbrella Collection. The different handles are extremely detailed and feature a skull,snake,horse,lion etc. These are great for when your feeling like Frank Langella in The Box.

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