Are You Listening “Elzhi- D.E.M.O.N.S.”

Look, I can feel the demons in my brain,creepin through the dark parts
Got me tuckin different handguns in my Carhartt’s
Where the hood got the reaper hidin underneath, you
Ever wonder why we rather die, then let the beef go?
Stay feelin stress, greed, lust and jealousy
My people cope by usin cess, speed, dust and LSD
D, more than just a simple sickness
It’s triple sixes, to haunt the Holy Temple scriptures
And got the lost souls playin false roads
They got ’em, once they get inside ’em, like crossbows
It’s the demons, conjurin up images you dreamin
or screamin, it’s seems when you’re semen they schemin
Got us paranoid, steppin out very cautious
The same way we holdin guns, nuns carry crosses
Forms of protection against the evil forces
Of course there’s subjections, in your cerebral vortex,
The demons…


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